CBD: The Ultimate Chill Pill

August 11, 2020

CBD has hit the medical market with a bang. Many people talk about the anti-anxiety benefits it can provide, but did you know that it helps with weight management, immune support, and pain relief too?

Link to CBD suppliments I recommend: https://mailchi.mp/1bd4c20b5bc3/stressrelief

Wellness/Immunity Injections: https://mailchi.mp/c0eea6955dbc/wellness-injections

What is CBD? What is Hemp? What do they do? What are the differences? How can they be used? Watch this:

CBD: The ultimate chill pill 💊 But, did you know it helps with weight, immunity, and pain too?https://bit.ly/32QLvqiNote: I meant to say psychoactive* apologies

Posted by Johnson Family Medical on Thursday, July 23, 2020