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Mental Health Awareness

November 16, 2020

Is what you’re experience a symptom of a mental health issue, or something else? 2020 has made us all feel like we need some more self-care for sure. And it can even arise some concerns about your mental health. This is important and you need to see your healthcare provider to discuss this topic.… Read More »

How CBD Helps Your Metabolism

September 10, 2020

Happy #WellnessWednesday! Let’s talk CBD -Reduces appetite -Improves Fat Metabolism -Decreases Metabolic Syndrome -Improves Insulin Sensitivity-Liver Detox After you watch this vid, click this link for my supplement recommendations:

Boosting Your Sexual Health Naturally

August 19, 2020

Happy Wellness Wednesday! This month we are focusing on sexual health. In this post you will learn about solutions to boosting your sexual health (other than hormone replacement therapy). Some people are not candidates for hormone replacement, and others simply want to take a more natural approach. Take a look at the video below: Links… Read More »

CBD: The Ultimate Chill Pill

August 11, 2020

CBD has hit the medical market with a bang. Many people talk about the anti-anxiety benefits it can provide, but did you know that it helps with weight management, immune support, and pain relief too? Link to CBD suppliments I recommend: Wellness/Immunity Injections: What is CBD? What is Hemp? What do they do?… Read More »

Sun, Skin, and Vit D Health

June 18, 2020

Skin is our largest organ and window to our health Self assessment once a month ABCDE Link: Nano-zinc sunscreen Link “Home and Personal” section Vitamin D puts the D in Defense— Link: Overall, your skin is your biggest protector. Protect it with a natural sunscreen while still receiving the benefits of vitamin… Read More »

Which Diet Works?

May 13, 2020

Which Diet Works? Leptin resistance? Insulin resistant? Estrogen dominance? Thyroid disease? They’re all different and knowing those differences matters! Video links: 1. Supplements protocols here: 2. Weight loss program here: 3. Booking here:

Supplements, Protocols, Wellness Injections

April 29, 2020

MAY SAVINGS GOOD UNTIL 5/31/2020 Metagenics Supplements, save 10 percent when you buy $30 Code: MAY10 Injections, save $60 when you buy 6 Purchase researched, reputable, and practitioner-grade supplements through our Metagenics store front here Before initiating any new supplements or protocols, ask your medical provider. Want a personalized protocol?  Schedule an office visit (book… Read More »

Stress Reduction

April 23, 2020

Stress reducing herbs here Women’s Meditation Network here

Bloom Where You Are Planted: 2020 Changes

April 10, 2020

What are your needs during this time?  We’ve made some changes we think may help: View changes here

Quarterly Wellness Topic: Urinary Incontinence

April 2, 2020

Our Quarterly Wellness Topic is: here