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Fit-by-Fat Social Media Weight Loss Challenge

October 12, 2017

Sometimes we have to lose to win– specifically a chance to win $500 after losing weight.  Sounds like everyone wins. Johnson Family Medical is hosting a friendly social media weight loss challenge from 1/8/2018-4/1/2018 in which participants have the chance to win the following prizes: 1st place: $500 prize (one for female and male winner)… Read More »

Can Gratitude Help Your Health?

October 2, 2017

Are you wondering what is a free way to lose weight, improve your mental health, reduce stress, improve sleep, and improve your relationships?  Science shows all of these things can be achieved with: Gratitude. People who practice daily affirmations of gratitude experience less aches and pains than their counterparts, are more likely to exercise, and… Read More »

Craving Sweets at Night?

September 25, 2017

Do you crave carbohydrates (sweets, snacks) at night? There’s a reason why — you may be craving sleep. Shorter sleep cycles drive us to crave carbs to fuel our chemical change within the brain to form melatonin (the naturally occurring sleep hormone) from serotonin. This craving occurred naturally when we were hunter gathers working long… Read More »

Deceptive Labels

September 18, 2017

Sugar is public enemy number one.  Sugar is a root cause for much of our inflammation.  In the past, fats were blamed for cardiac events, but have you ever wondered why cholesterol levels raise and subsequently cause chaos in our arteries?  Sugar causes inflammation causing cholesterol to act as a band-aid and forming a problematic… Read More »

Inflammation, The Root Cause…

September 12, 2017

What is weight gain?  Weight is truly the physical image of inflammation.  For example, when someone is “swollen” they may be carrying water weight — this is extra weight in the form of edema.  This is just one example of weight gain revealing itself as the true root cause: Inflammation. What causes inflammation: Stress, toxins,… Read More »


September 6, 2017

Hello! Welcome to my health and wellness blog. My hope for this blog is to reach patients and the community at large with the latest information on wellness. I hope to inspire others to feel their best by providing others with the latest information that I am finding through my resources as well. Here you… Read More »