Meet Katherine

A proud graduate of Texas Woman’s University, Dallas, Katherine feels privileged to care for her patients. She is skilled in treating multiple chronic medical conditions, acute illnesses, and also helping patients achieve their wellness goals in a truly individualized and compassionate manner. Before becoming both an oncology nurse and a Family Nurse Practitioner, Katherine graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2010 earning a degree in Nutrition with an emphasis in Dietetics. Her combined classroom instruction and clinical experience over seven years allowed her to become well versed in helping patients heal from their multiple chronic conditions, including weight gain, from a biologic and metabolic perspective. Through her experience within both Internal Medicine and Family Medicine, Katherine became passionate about her pursuit of helping those seeking wellness, weight loss, and chronic care management solutions different from other clinics; thus, Johnson Family Medical came to be.

Patient Corner

“NP Johnson is compassionate and really listens to me. She helped me recognize the issues standing in my way of my weight loss! I had no idea insulin resistance meant ‘hard to lose weight.’ She helped me turn it around and slim down!!” ~KS

“I’ve found Mrs. Johnson to be extremely competent and got me on the right hormone amount so that I felt my best! I didn’t realize low testosterone contributed to my belly fat. Sure glad Mrs. Johnson knew!!” ~ GP

Katherine is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and also a member of the Texas Nurse Practitioners. She is also a founding member of the only Independent Practice Association for Nurse Practitioners in Texas, NP Axxess.

Beyond her passion for caring for her patients, she is also a family-oriented wife and mother; a daughter to her loving parents; and sister to her wonderful brother and sister-in-law. She enjoys reading, is an avid sports fan, and also enjoys traveling. She grew up in Frisco, Texas and appreciates the “smallest big town” culture that Frisco offers today.