Weight Loss Program

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Has anyone ever told you that weight gain is not a “lack of discipline issue” but most commonly a biological issue? Katherine understands that extra weight is not only emotional, it is difficult to lose. However, extra weight is taxing to the body. If prior weight loss attempts have left you frustrated, unsuccessful, and you are ready for a change, Katherine is ready for this time to be your last time.

How does it work?

  1. Initiate care at JFM to assess labs and EKG. 
  2. First follow up in person to review labs, assign macros, and initiate week 1 plan — $75
  3.  Weekly follow-ups (weeks 2-3; through the Medici app, download here then enter my code KQ38XQO2AS at registration to connect with me) include assessing your food log, habits, cravings, barriers, and even looking at labels in your home –$50 per appointment 
  4. Need help between appointments? As-needed check-ins available — $25 each. 
  5. Monthly visits in-person for weigh in, adjustments in care — $75. 

Most of our patients lose weight without the need of medication; however, if medication is needed this can be assessed initially and prescribed as needed monthly in-person.